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Aug 24, 2011 4:00pm PDT
talk about steve jobs health in recent years. >> no matter what, it's a shock. steve jobs known as one of the greatest ceos of all time. the question is hopefully steve jobs is okay. and two, what is going to happen next? what is going to happen to apple in the market? how is apple going to move on? >> he's had such a tremendous influence on apple what. do you think his legacy is at this point? >> right now, building the most-valuable company in the world, coming back from the brink of destruction. he was kicked out of his company, coming back to apple whit was nearly bankrupt and turned it into an empire, he's going to be known as one of the great entrepreneurs of all time. >> if you hold apple shares or if you're a consumer and love the products and see tim cook is going to take over, are you concerned about apple being able to be the front runner in technology? and still be able to come up with cool gadgets? >> steve jobs and tim cook have been working on this plan for years. everyone has known steve jobs would resign and tim cook would take over. i think steve jobs imparted his
Aug 26, 2011 4:00pm PDT
. >> still head, an animated look back at steve jobs legacy. it's a little bizarre. >> yes z a middle of the night mission state side. >> it gets you sometimes. >> soldiers working around the clock to dij ties arlington national cemetery. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook. he'll answer them live in just minutes wex have links if you want to write in. >> we want you to see this traffic picture, people trying to get into san francisco. what a mess. this is caused by some roll overaccident they're trying to get that cleared. you can see back up is going to take hours on the bridge. you can see from this shot things are moving right along. if you're trying to gelt on the bridge it's a mess tonight so be patient. >> there is a project going on at arlington national cemetery, soldiers wandering through at night taking pictures of graves to make a digital map. the troops are photographing 219,000 grave markers and more than 43,000 sets of cremated remains part of an effort to account for every grave, update the maps. troops are working in the park to escape summ
Aug 25, 2011 4:00pm PDT
. >> ahead, steve legacy at apple. you will not see much of a difference even though the company's master mind is stepping aside. >> inside of qaddafi's compound. rebels made a strange discovery. >> and a look at the cool down. it will warm up tomorrow. we'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up.ososososososs >> the departing now look for something else. >> an apple growing speculation of what is next for apple's brightest now that steve jobs has stepped aside. we have more. >> david apple watches are waiting to see if they will undergo changes or face new leadership. >>reporter: there will be challenges ahead. but first look at the report. there is no question that apple's success is tied to their people and that could be their secret sauce. the nagging question is if there is a exodus with steve jobs being around. >> we like to be around the greatness. they recognize this experience would not be repeated in their lifetime and they wanted to get the most of it. with steve departing it is time to look for something else. >>reporter: members of the team of the ipad and iphone might be
Aug 10, 2011 4:00pm PDT
stabbed as she walked home from foot hill high school in 1984. now, steve carlson is facing murder charges. the two were classmates. vic lee is live with reaction from those who remember carlson from school. >> steve carlson appeared in juvenile court here for a detention hearing. that is synonymous with an arraignment in adult supreme court. it's rather strange for a 43-year-old man to appear in juvenile court but remember, the crime, the murder committed when he was only 17. now, seems like a lot of former foot hill high school students remember this case and remember him. some of them came here to court to see what's happening and they all told us they had strong suspicions about him. >> it was something about him from elementary school to junior high to high school. he was mean. he was a bully. he has this odd way about him z just... people feared him. >> i do hope that it's very short. and that they have found perpetrator and we can actually put some closure to this. >> 43-year-old steve carlson charged with murdering tina fails april 15th, 1984. the 14-year-old killed while w
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4